Coffee Alternatives: The 11 Best Alternatives for 2021

Coffee has been a staple of the American diet for quite some time. In fact, recent studies have shown that coffee drinkers are more likely to live longer than those who abstain from it. But there’s one downside: caffeine can be bad for your sleep quality. Thankfully, green tea and other alternatives are available which might make you rethink coffee altogether!

Coffe Alternative

Which coffee alternatives exist?

There are many great coffee alternatives:

Hot or cold?

Hot alternatives

Green Tea:

Green tea is a great choice for your morning routine. One cup of green tea has less caffeine than coffee, but the L-theanine leaves you feeling more at ease and relaxed throughout the day.

Green Tea

Hot chocolate:

The best way to describe hot chocolate? Delicious!

Hot chocolate has less of an impact on blood sugar levels and provides a perfect morning beverage for those who need a quick pick me up. It’s a great coffee alternative.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is a great drink to have before bed. It’s an coffee alternative that doesn’t make it difficult for your body to get the sleep you need!

Apple cider vinegar is a great way to improve digestion, lose weight, and soothe sore throats. It can also help control blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. If you want some of these benefits for yourself then start by mixing an eight-ounce glass of water with two tablespoonfuls apple cider vinegar every day!

Matcha Tea:

Matcha is a form of green tea made from grinding the leaves of the green plant into a fine powder.

This tea has its origins in Japan, and it is consumed by drinking the whole leaf rather than brewing it (as with other forms of green tea).

The flavor varies depending on region as well as preparation method, but can be descrribed primarily as earthy.

Matcha Tea

Rooibos Tea – a caffeine free alternative:

This tea is made of leaves grown in the same area as coffee beans. Rooibos tea is caffeine-free and contains high levels of antioxidants. This makes it a great substitute for people who can’t drink coffee or teas that contain caffeine such as green, black, white, oolong tea or yerba mate.  It has a naturally sweet taste that leaves you feeling refreshed, making this the perfect replacement for your morning cup of joe!

Caffeine free

Chicory Coffee:

Chicory coffee is a type of drink making for people who don’t want caffeine. It was first used in New Orleans and became popular there, before spreading around America’s South east region.

Some say it tastes like coffee without all the flavor, but most just enjoy the taste as its own unique experience while avoiding any negative side effects from consuming more caffeinated drinks.

Pregnant women should be wary though because drinking too much chicory coffee could harm your child’s development

Yerba Mate:

If you find coffee too bitter, then this drink might be the right coffee alternative for you. It’s another earthy-tasting beverage that has been proven to aid in weight loss and also provide multiple health benefits.

Yerba Mate is the perfect drink for anyone looking to get a little extra boost of energy, whether it be on an early morning or late night. It’s not caffeine free but is has only one-third of as much caffeine as coffee and tastes like fruity tea without sugar.

Yerba Mate

Cold alternatives

Iced Tea:

Iced tea is perfect for a refreshing cold drink during the summer – but did you know that it’s also an excellent coffee alternative? Iced teas have many health benefits and can be used as a substitute in most recipes.

You can enjoy this refreshing beverage on its own or topped with lemonade and fruit for an extra tangy taste sensation!

Coconut Water:

Coconut water is also a great cold coffee alternative. It’s hydrating, it tastes good and has many vitamins and minerals in it that can keep you feeling healthy on top of all the health benefits from being caffeine free.

Plus, unlike traditional juices that contain sugar or artificial sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), the fruit juice from coconuts is naturally low calorie because they’re made up of nothing but pure and natural nutrients as sugars.

Coconut Water


Kombucha is a fermented drink that contains probiotics. It’s a relatively new beverage that has skyrocketed in popularity. This drink, which contains probiotics and caffeine, was created as an alternative to the sugary carbonated drinks commonly consumed today. Kombucha can range from being very sweet to having more of a tart flavor depending on the fermentation process and what type it is (black tea kombuchas are much sweeter than green tea).



Coffee lovers, rejoice! You don’t have to give up your morning coffee just because you want to drink something healthier. There are dozens of options out there that taste great and will not leave you with the caffeine crash associated with a traditional cup of joe. So if you need an alternative or simply want to try some new flavors, we recommend sampling all of them until you find one that suits your tastes best. What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below so other readers can decide which they would like to test next!


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